GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule

What is a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule contract is a pre-negotiated contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) that permits government agencies to purchase commercial services and products at a fixed price for a given period of time. When a vendor holds a GSA Schedule contract, it is considered a “seal of approval” by the federal government that your products meet their quality and value standards. The GSA Schedule program is the preferred procurement method for federal purchasers as it significantly reduces the time, expense and oversight of the acquisition process for both the contractor and the federal customer.


The Process for Obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract

When you work with RBH to obtain your GSA Schedule contract, there are a number of stages we complete during the process. These stages are outlined below:

Gathering Documentation

This stage includes research, strategy planning, discussions with you, time spent understanding company information and gathering.


This stage includes review and editing of required information in the required GSA format, including administrative, technical and pricing data.


This stage includes delivering the offer to GSA and discussing with GSA to clarify and provide further information when needed in order to ensure acceptance of the Offer.


This stage includes negotiating prices with GSA to determine price reasonableness of the Offer. The negotiation takes into consideration past performance, pricing, market research on competition, government and commercial sales, terms, and conditions, etc… for the GSA to receive the best possible price.

Post-Award Administration

This stage includes the proper preparation and delivery of the final GSA Price List. A final wrap up conference will be scheduled with the client to go over the responsibilities associated with being a GSA Schedule Contractor.

GSA Advantage! Upload

Includes initial upload of your product and services listed in the original GSA Schedule Contract Award to GSA’s online shopping mall GSA Advantage!. This allows any government purchaser to quickly and easily order your products or services directly from the GSA Advantage website.

Develop & Execute GSA Sales Action Plan

Common Questions About GSA Schedule

The GSA Schedules program covers virtually everything from information systems and software to professional consultants, furniture, office supplies and equipment, hardware, building supplies, law enforcement products, etc. If you are a large or small company selling commercial, “off the shelf” goods and services, then the government market offers fantastic opportunity to grow your business.

All Executive and Independent Agencies, as well as, the Executive Branch, wholly owned or mixed-ownership Government corporations, certain charitable institutions, the District of Columbia and many others use the GSA. In some instances, it is the preferred contracting process for state and local governments, as well. Currently, there are over 260 authorized user agencies for the GSA Schedule program.

For government buyers, using the GSA is much quicker than issuing a solicitation on their own. For sellers, it is the easiest contract to obtain, and if you learn how to sell from it (once on the Schedule, sales don’t necessarily occur on their own), then you have a great way to increase your federal sales. With over $40 billion of federal dollars spent last year, can you afford to miss out? A GSA Schedule is the fastest and least expensive way to establish your company in the government market.

The process for getting a GSA Schedule is more complex than just completing a form or taking a seminar. You will need to provide a number of elements including proof of your company’s experience, financial history, business practices, and then you need to negotiate with GSA on price and scope. The government wants to make sure it is getting the best possible price and highest quality product before it allows you to be listed on the GSA Schedule.

It is impossible to say exactly how long it will take a company to get a GSA Schedule contract; timing varies based on a number of factors, including the complexity of your offer, how quickly you submit information, and on the GSA Contracting Officer. The typical estimate is around 6 months, but this number does vary.

The government market has its own laws, language, dialects, and customs. RBH has the knowledge and expertise to guide your business through the complex and time-consuming process of getting a GSA Schedule. Most importantly, our GSA sales and marketing expertise ensures a return on investment in getting your GSA contract number to begin with.

GSA Contract

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