GSA Consulting


GSA Consulting

RBH is your one stop shop for support of your GSA Contract Initiative. Instead of investing in a GSA Team (proposal writing, administration/contract management, business planning, sales, customer support), it is prudent to initially outsource these functions to RBH. Your focus should be on one thing – leveraging your GSA Contract to improve the profitability of your business. Your investment in RBH will drive GSA Profits. RBH will develop your GSA Plan and guide your allocation of resources based on securing new business. Your GSA Sales will fund any future required staffing, once it is proven that performing necessary functions in house will be more cost efficient than outsourcing.

Don't Have a GSA Schedule Contract?

If your business does not have a GSA Schedule contract, our GSA Schedule consultants will evaluate:

  • Whether or not this Federal sales vehicle will be of benefit to your company; and
  • Whether or not you are eligible to apply. If you decide to proceed with getting a GSA contract, our GSA Schedule consultants will do the legwork to get you a contract as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. After you are awarded your GSA contract, we then provide on-going contract management and support.
Already Have a GSA Schedule Contract?

If your business already has a GSA Schedule contract but is not selling effectively off of it, our GSA Schedule consultants will:

  • Assess the market for your products/services and make sure you are positioned properly on GSA Schedule;
  • Ensure that your contract is set up correctly and is visible to the Federal decision makers that use the schedules to procure your products/services; and
  • Proactively promote your capabilities through our unique and focused GSA marketing services (see below).
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How Can I Tell If My Business Will Benefit From a GSA Schedule Contract?